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60/40 rear seats


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hello all members.

can someone help me i have a td4 5 door auto 03 serengeti.

my rear 60/40 rear seat the large 60 side would not fold down !. i looked it over and underneath the release lever

i noticed a steel cable with a ball on the end which i presume has come of the lever.

i pulled the cable only with finger and thumb not pliers and hammer as i was getting a bit peeeeed off.

and the lock undid and the seat folded hooray.but now it will not fold back up it gets half way and feels like something is locking it.i am at my wits end only having a 5 door 3 seater any help is much needed.

cheer's Pross

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It has a safety mechanism which prevents the backret from going up past halfway if the base is not fully locked down.

Just press down harder on the back of the seat base, or slam the base back down; and then try and lift the backrest again.

If the above does not work, you will be able to see a hook that locks round the hoop on the floor, where the seat base engages, this must be fully engaged before the backrest lifts.


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you might need to take the seat apart to hook the wire back onto its catch,

this could be stopping the safety release on the base of the seat to lock in.

im not 100% on the full mechs of it, but i reckon the cable to release the back is also connected to the release catch on the underside and as its disconnected, the catch isnt locking in to allow the back rest to set straight up

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