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fitting 33/12.5/15 on 1" lift

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my 110 has heavy duty springs (standard high, i think) but the fact that it is never heavily ladened it appears to sit about an inch higher than standard. i do intend getting medium weight spings with a two inch lift but would my current setup do for the mean time???

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Technically speaking a spring lift should not affect tyre clearance as compression travel is limited (or should be) by the bump stops. Of course, many poorly designed spring lifts do limit compression travel.

For a 33"x12.5, you need around another 1" or so taller bump stops in the rear and wheels with around 10mm of offset (normal aftermarket wheels). You may need a little trimming of the eyebrows as well dependent on the specific tyre.

Keep in mind that Defenders are built to a tolerance of plus or minus an inch and you need to check clearance on your own truck....

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cheers red, bump stops shouldnt be an issue coz the springs r so stiff that my 110 would roll before bottoming out! off roading is at the moment is like being a pinball. think i get the wheels, if theres issues will just have to wait til next month to fit them {when i can afford the lift}

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