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Right rear brake binding


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The right rear brakes are binding :angry:

I have replaced the caliper, but fault is still the same!

My classic has ABS, are there common issues with either the ABS modulator causing a single line to seize? A collapsed flexi hose? or problematic proportioning valve? :unsure:

Any advice would be welcome


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Thanks for your responses.

Eventually got to the bottom of it :D

Having replaced the rear flexi hoses, I was getting help with bleeding the brakes. I asked for the brake pedal to be released after locking off the bleed nipple and noticed the brake lights were still on. The wheels were refitted and a test drive confirmed that when the pedal was lifted the binding stopped :blush:

Found the pedal spring was rusty and not allowing the it return fully!

Not sure why it was just causing the right rear to bind, but anyway all fixed now :i-m_so_happy:

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