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Flashing Engine Warning Light

Yox ...

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Hi there folks,

Freelander Kalahari, 1.8 Petrol, 2003, 77,000 miles!

Havin' a bad weekend!

Just been down to the shops .... and my freelander felt a bit odd - then I noticed an orange light flashing at me: Its the "Engine Malfunction Indicator"....

Got home, looked in the owners manual, where it says "seek urgent advice" "Don't drive car" and it alludes to emission problems detected byb the EMC ....

I'm hopeless at this sort of thing - anyone got any ideas??

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I don't know the Freelander petrol engine in particular but this sort of message usually comes up when something like the lambda sensor fails. This is in the exhaust systems and measures the oxygen level in the exhaust gases and controls the ignition and injectors via the ECU. The ECU then switches into a get you home mode with reduced performance, the problem can damage the catalytic convertor hence the urgency. The only sensible thing to do is find a (preferably independent) landrover specialist who can plug in his diagnostic machine and confirm the diagnosis. Otherwise if you can borrow a lambda sensor from someone else.........

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