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Propshaft Question

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I was out in the garage today and decided to measure the difference in lengths between the diff on the Rover and Salisbury axles, to give me an idea of which prop i will need.

From the axle tube centre line to the flange on the rover diff was 27cm's and the salisbury was 31cm, meaning the nose is 4cm longer.

The normal rear prop is 683mm long, so ideally i'd need one thats 643mm long.

So, i've had a bit of a search, and i've found that a 200TDi front prop is 654mm, and a 200TDi rear is 635mm.

Given i would prefer to use a standard propshaft, would i be better with the slightly longer or slightly shorter one? I happen to have a 200tdi rear prop already, so clearly it'd be good if i could use that! I guess the question is whether the sliding section would have enough length to take up the 8mm of difference in length, and still operate normally...

Any thaughts?

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No lift, it will be on the stock ride height, and will be running standard dampers so wont have lots of droop and dislocation going on!

In that case, you might be better of with the shorter one, so it doesn't close up completely at minimum articulation (but, given LRs build tolerances, this is all a bit hypothetical :rolleyes: ). So, have we arrived at the right answer? :lol:

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