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  1. errol209

    Steering box

    a) probably, yes b) a photo or two would clinch it
  2. errol209

    Cooland Temp Sender.

    The 200TDi senders are 5/8 UNF thread, and I'd say that 87 degrees is about right for the "top end of normal"!
  3. errol209

    V8 Gaskets for Serp 3.8 needed

    Too many choices: have a look at page 19 of this pdf (page number 16 at the bottom) it has all the alternatives (I don't know some of the information, but you will!).
  4. errol209

    pintle clips

    If I understand the question correctly, the pin is RRC6681 and the spring clip that retains it is RRC6682.
  5. errol209

    wiper motor parking and operation

    Your motor is set up for LHD. There is a little plastic thing to move, the following link says it all: Document linky Referenced from this thread: Thread Linky
  6. errol209

    Bonnet Staple Orientation.

    Wide, I'd guess.
  7. errol209

    Part Number Help!!

    Page 995 onwards in the parts book - I think you mean the one on page 1004?
  8. Assuming you mean 90/110/Defender deluxe seats: RTC3107 (RH) (now MWC7636) and RTC3108 (LH) (now MWC7635) EDIT: (URLs for the pictures only - I'd shop around as the prices seem to vary from £4 to £30 each, or go to an autojumble)
  9. errol209

    picture of a part please

    Page 85 of the pdf.I know it says 300TDI but a 200TDI one looks the same - four flat bits that bolt together. Disco ones are taller than Defender, but th mounts at the bottom can be trimmed to compensate.
  10. errol209


    Link to 2009 Microcat ?
  11. errol209


    I don't know, though he did mention "being out". As stand-in assistant acolyte locum under those circumstances, can I help?
  12. errol209

    Crimp Removal Tool

    It's easiest if you push on the wire at the same time as jiggling ... four arms!
  13. errol209

    Seat belt anchor id

    Left hand side (passenger in UK)
  14. errol209

    how to wind up a turbo and injector pump on a 19j??

    Answers: how do you wind up a turbo and injector pump on a j19 engine? - fit a 200Tdi and tweak that instead. is it worth it? - Fitting a 200Tdi is a great improvement, yes. and how long does it last??? - Depends how many miles your 200Tdi has done already. Seriously, I wouldn't bother. Land Rover re-engineered the whole thing (pretty much) rather then try and get even more out out of what is essentially an over-worked and worked-over 2.25 diesel. Be happy with it (they aren't that bad if you're nice to them with oil changes etc.) or get a better engine.

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