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  1. a) probably, yes b) a photo or two would clinch it
  2. The 200TDi senders are 5/8 UNF thread, and I'd say that 87 degrees is about right for the "top end of normal"!
  3. Too many choices: have a look at page 19 of this pdf (page number 16 at the bottom) it has all the alternatives (I don't know some of the information, but you will!).
  4. If I understand the question correctly, the pin is RRC6681 and the spring clip that retains it is RRC6682.
  5. Your motor is set up for LHD. There is a little plastic thing to move, the following link says it all: Document linky Referenced from this thread: Thread Linky
  6. Page 995 onwards in the parts book - I think you mean the one on page 1004?
  7. Assuming you mean 90/110/Defender deluxe seats: RTC3107 (RH) (now MWC7636) and RTC3108 (LH) (now MWC7635) EDIT: (URLs for the pictures only - I'd shop around as the prices seem to vary from £4 to £30 each, or go to an autojumble)
  8. Page 85 of the pdf.I know it says 300TDI but a 200TDI one looks the same - four flat bits that bolt together. Disco ones are taller than Defender, but th mounts at the bottom can be trimmed to compensate.
  9. I don't know, though he did mention "being out". As stand-in assistant acolyte locum under those circumstances, can I help?
  10. It's easiest if you push on the wire at the same time as jiggling ... four arms!
  11. Answers: how do you wind up a turbo and injector pump on a j19 engine? - fit a 200Tdi and tweak that instead. is it worth it? - Fitting a 200Tdi is a great improvement, yes. and how long does it last??? - Depends how many miles your 200Tdi has done already. Seriously, I wouldn't bother. Land Rover re-engineered the whole thing (pretty much) rather then try and get even more out out of what is essentially an over-worked and worked-over 2.25 diesel. Be happy with it (they aren't that bad if you're nice to them with oil changes etc.) or get a better engine.
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