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td5 inlet preasure


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i am trying to sort out the low end power blow 2000rpm problem on my td5

changed using genuine parts

filters air/fuel

injector loom



fuel regulator

took reading today and inlet pressure is at idle 100kpa and at 3450 206kpa

at 3000rpm it reads 196 kp

at 2062 120 kpa

is this corrrect?

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From Nanocom data:

AMBIENT PRESSURE(Kpa) – This value must be 100Kpa at the sea level and decrease when the ground

height increases. A decreasing of that value related to the acceleration should indicate that the air beyond

the filter is less than required.

MANIFOLD TURBO PRESSURE(Kpa) – at idle speed must be equal to the ambient pressure 100Kpa and it

goes up to 210 (Defender) or 230 (Discovery) at engine maximum load

Hope this helps.


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Here's some test data when I was looking at my clutch slip issue, if it helps to give you some sample data. It's a 2005 TD5 90 with a remap.

Files attached. Let me know if you want excel sheet e-mailed




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