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Splash pan bolts


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Hi everybody

I have just joined the ranks of LR owners, and have used my Japanese beast which had served me well but had started using as much oil as petrol(yes petrol).

Got an 04 Freelander and I love it.

I will be doing as much work as I can on my own.

Have changed the crankcase breather filter to the new better BMW cyclone type.

Need to drop the oil and change the filter.

How many bolts should there be on the splash pan? Haven't got right under but can only see 2 bolts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi and welcome :D

From memory on my 2001 td4 there are 2 bolts under the front bumper, 2 screws either side of these holding plastic flaps, moving back further two brackets either side with two bolts each, then 2 further back still into sub frame. If maths is right thats 8 and 4 screws!

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Thanks Mark.

Just doing it now and stopped for a cuppa.

Taking bolts out and coppereasing them as I go.

5 out so far.

Got to be done so perceverance, plus gas, and a breaker bar is the order of the day.

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