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Defender 110 vibration ?

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Hi just wondering if anyone can shed any light on a problem that started today on my Defender 110,It is a bit of a Hybrid and has a R380 gearbox.It has started to vibrate but only under load and stops it i dip the clutch or free roll.I have checked all the obvious thing,wheel bearing,prop shaft UJ joint and gearbox mounts but all seem fine.

any ideas to cheack would be grateful.

many thanks simon

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It's not always so easy to check the UJs. I had a vibration in mine and found a small play in the foremost UJ in the rear prop. Changed it, no difference. The rear one had no play that I could detect, but one of the needle bearings was completely dry. When taking it apart, most of the needles in it simply had disappeared. :blink: New UJ at that end too sorted the vibrations.

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