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not a salisbury axle? what

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this is my first post, so bear with me.

i have a 110 station wagon Tdi 2004 model, it doesn't have a salisbury axle but some other (smaller?) axle.

When i bought the car, it needed side shafts and drive meembers. they were not easy to come by.

my question to you all is, now that the diff itself is starting to whine and will need to be rebuilt is it worth keeping the back axle and rebuilding the existing diff, or should i find an old salisbury axle and spend the money on that?

sourcing of new parts i think will be just as difficult for both of them so that isn't a factor, as i am in botswana and parts are not easy to come by.


in the past when the side shafts/drive members wear out i have just welded them together, (ideally mig welded, but arc will do jsut as ggood in remote areas) do i need to consider heavy duty side shaftsand drive members,or is the sand mud etc on our roads to blame for this wear??

thanks in advance

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