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Discovery/range Rover axles onto a 90

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Hi all

I know this has probably been covered before, but I can't seem to find the answer using the search.

My ever trusty rusty 90 is proving to need more work on it than I ever thought possible. I am just getting to the end of the welding and I knew the front swivels were leaking but in closer inspection (well, turning the wheels) I noticed that there are rust pits on the swivel cups.

I was thinking that because it has drum brakes on the back that I would replace the rear axle for a disk brake one at a later date from a Discovery or a Range Rover, and now with the cup issue I thought about just changing the lot.

The 90 is a K plate 200Tdi and is pretty much original, so would axles from a Disco or a Range Rover fit straight on? I thought that maybe the only thing to change would be the rubber donut coupling if I got a 300 rear axle, but is there more to it than that? Gearing ratios and more?

Any advice will be greatly received.

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The axle ratios will be the same, and apart from the rear donut thingy, the only other slight issue might be width of the front radius arms... there were two widths used..... yours could be (i think) the narrow ones.....

The only other slight issue 'might' be the caliper hose feeds on the front........ the 90 ones are different to the disco ones.....

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As Disco Ron said the ratios will be the same! The front brakes are normally double feed to the calippers on the Disco's. A friend did convert there's to single but can't remember what he done!! so it is possible.

The brake line feed for the rear axle will need to be removed from the axle & turned 180 digrees to take your rear feed as the ones on the disco face the opposite way to the 90's.

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