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  1. It sounds like the injection pump to me as I'm having the exact same issue on my 300Tdi Discovery. I've been running my Discovery on normal diesel and I decided to try some veg oil (as I run 25/75 in my 200Tdi 110 anyway) and ever since then I've had a fuel starvation issue. I've replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the gauze filter in the lift pump (it's a Delphi one), blew the fuel lines out too but I suspect my issue is in the tank or sediment filter. But for you to be sure try and get an engineers stethoscope (or a long screw driver) and see if the sound is coming from the injection pump. I suspect it is.
  2. The old alcohol based stuff was always sweet, and tasted great until you go blind. The OATS stuff just had a very bitter taste. However, if they do add a bitterness to OATS then I've just been unlucky and need to find a better brand. Moonshine doesn't make itself...
  3. That stuff always tastes foul to me, are you sure it was OATS? Either way, make sure your health insurance is up to date, and you've made a will.
  4. Cheers for that, but I was more wanting images from a 300Tdi.
  5. Boom, it's an Albion! Anyway, moving back to my original question does anyone have any pictures of the routes that the cables and pipework take around the engine?
  6. Nope. You've just said one that you didn't say earlier. One of your previous choices was right...
  7. Throw as many names at it and hope something sticks? Pick one....
  8. Nope, sorry. Not a Scammell. Yes, it's a big lorry. 8 wheeler no less. Project is coming on, and the workshop helps, that's for sure.
  9. Ooohh, I could give out a prize here for the correct answer. The Beetle is a 1303s that I'm in the (very slow) process of getting running and road worthy for my daughters 17th, although I'd prefer her to have this 90. Now, the lorry is something a little rarer. Any ideas? It's from the 50's...
  10. Hey ho, me again. So I have a few other queries if you'd be so kind. I have replaced the engine with one out of my old Discovery auto (converted to a manual pump, swapped out all the other Discovery bits) and I've got it running! What a result! But I'd like to know the routes of all the pipework around the back and sides of the engine as all mine was melted. Could one of you lovely people take a few pictures of the route of the breather pipe that goes around the back of the engine from the cyclone filter to the air intake? Also the EGR valve loom, and any of the loom that goes around the back of the engine? Anyway, for your enjoyment... Two engines side by side. One is an EDC auto from a Discovery, the other is the Defender engine. Discovery engine with everything swapped over from the Defender engine, including a brand new clutch Engine bay cleaned off and ready to take the new engine New engine in!!!
  11. I'd certainly not even entertain the idea of taking on a project like this if I didn't have the means to do the work myself. Parts are cheap enough, but labour is something else. And I'm not even sure I'd trust anyone to do the work for me. I'm not a newbie in doing this kind of work, and labour was never going to be part of the cost equation. I was a little flippant with my reply to you for which I apologise, but that was only because I was asking a fairly simple question about a simple thing and you just came in questioning whether it was actually worth it or not. If there was going to be a third party involved then I'd probably agree that it wasn't worth doing, but I'll be doing all the work myself, I've already got the majority of the parts, so it's only going to be my time that's used. And I wouldn't own numerous Land Rover's if I didn't expect to do work on them. If I had to ship them out for work to be done I'd be broke! But as a closer, I value everyone's input and I always appreciate someone taking the time to reply to a question, and I try to offer my experience when I can. It's what makes this forum so great.
  12. These are fine, no pitting, unlike the ones on my 110. But even with them being a bit scabby they haven't torn up the seals yet and don't leak. I fitted some of the Teflon ones to an old 90 I used to have, and the coating started rubbing off almost straight away. I didn't have the 90 long so it wasn't really a problem, but I suspect they'd have had to have been replaced again fairly soon. They were Sh*tpart swivels mind you...
  13. Perfect! I need not have spent a couple of hours pulling them off my old Discovery then!
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