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  1. In my experience a noisy injection pump was caused by fuel starvation and the pump having to work harder than normal to get the fuel it needs. One I had on my first 300Tdi I had a failed lift pump and the injection pump sounded like a chicken clucking for some reason! Recently I had a similar issue and although I changed the lift pump that too was faulty. I removed the top of it (it was a Delphi pump) and I could see one of the valves just floating around in the top so I replaced that and all was good again. You've changed the lift pump? What make did you replace it with, and do you know
  2. The chart they use in a Haynes is pretty much on every wiring page as far as I can see. I just didn't think they'd use the same legend as the official Land Rover document. Again my fault for not looking, but being in the line of work I am in you never take anything like this as a given.
  3. I get all that, but without a legend to tie the letters to a colour the diagram is not very helpful. Fortunately the colour chart you've just kindly provided is what I was missing. If the colour codes are the same as the Haynes then that's my fault for not putting two and two together, but I'd rather use the chart for the actual diagram rather than making a guess based on what it could be from another diagram.
  4. There are letters, but what colours do the letters represent? What is N? What is K?
  5. Managed to pick up a hard copy from eBay. On a related note, it passed its MOT!
  6. Sorry about the delay in replying. I expect you're already sorted out by now. As far as I know you can change the swivels for the bearing type and it'll make no odds to the internals of the housing so you should be OK to do that. My questions above were based on wanting to keep my 110 as original as possible in there, although I don't really know why as it's got a Defender R380, a Discovery 200Tdi engine, a Discovery 300Tdi transfer box, and a hacked about TD5 exhaust. Not exactly original...
  7. Hi all I'm just getting my 2 door 200Tdi Discovery ready for MOT tomorrow and I'm having a few issues with the immobiliser etc. I've replaced the fusable links in the engine bay with a 300Tdi fuse box, and generally most things are working as they should, but I still have some issues with the immobiliser and the alarm going off whenever it wants, as well as the central locking messing around and the windows not working occasionally etc. I'm in the process of bypassing the immobiliser so it'll start every time and I got a diagram from a forum of the immobiliser/alarm wiring from the worksh
  8. The place I've gone with doesn't mind and I insured my van with them. I do have an old Hilux which isn't on the list of vehicles I can insure, but I suspect that's an easy fix.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I've found a company and gone with them. Hopefully this'll be the new start I've been needing!
  10. So, I bought one. First one I saw too. I know I know, never buy the first one you see but this was really nice, well maintained, and the bloke was only selling it because it belonged to his wife who'd died in April and he had no use for it. it was her pride and joy and she'd owned it for 8 years, which sounded like the most genuine reason for a sale so I figured it was worth the risk. It's a diesel, slow, but everything works (except aircon). No water in the carpets, good tyres, drives nicely, and in very clean and tidy condition. All I need to do now is to get another fob working on
  11. May I ask who the company is that you're using for this?
  12. I know I don't have enough! I can still see the drive... They're used for commuting to work and just personal use. I'm not looking for anything speccial, just the easiest and cheapest way to feed my hunger for buying a bargain, running it for a while, then either selling it on or keeping it. As a back story I work in IT and I absolutely hate it. I get way more enjoyment from getting my hands oily and fixing up an old car. Ultimetly I'd really like to jack in my IT work and do something I actually want to do. This could be the first step...
  13. Mornig all I'm thinking of getting a multicar or a part time traders insurance policy because I have four vehicles on the road at the moment, with another three or four waiting in the wings. I have bought and sold a few cars in the past so a part time traders policy seems like it might be the better way to go, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have experience of a good multicar or a part time traders insurance company? Cheers
  14. Thanks people. I wanted a diesel because of the fuel economy. I know they're not exactly economic but a diesel would be somewhat better, however the other half is not too bothered and as it's her who is going to be using it then I'm not overly bothered now. An LPG converted one might be nice though... I'll have to go and have a look at some and see what they're actually like.
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