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I have been asked by Kent Museums for volunteers to help with there project, if you are intrested in helping them please contact them on the details provided, in return if you are in a 4x4 club of ant type they will advertise your club for you.

Cheers Bernie


Showcasing Kent Museums

Sept – Feb 2010/11

Kentish Delights is a project funded by Renaissance South East to promote the collections of the museums of Kent. This innovative and exciting new project is designed to encourage new visitors to museums in their region by showcasing museum objects in venues that are in the everyday public sphere. The resulting modular exhibition and supporting exhibition trailer will display objects from 25 Kent museums in venues such as supermarkets, football clubs, shopping centres and cinemas, attracting large numbers of viewers. Our target for the project is 24,000 visitors.

We are currently looking for volunteers in Kent keen to tow the exhibition trailer and to help support the project.

The exhibition will be developed through partnerships in the local communities across Kent. We are currently working with groups as diverse as the Women’s Institute, the Romany community, the Royal Engineers Cadets and the Kurdish Community who are all participating in outreach projects.

The exhibition will be shown in 12 venues across Kent in the following way:

• Display case with museum objects/artists’ work and interpretation panel in venue foyer

• Supporting exhibition trailer in car park or on street

The project will also have its own website

The trailer will include an interactive map of Kent, images and information about museum objects, information about the history of Kent and living in Kent, 3 short films and a computer with more information and the facility for visitors to add their own personal stories.

The exhibition will start in September 2010 until February 2011, and will tour the following places:

September – Tunbridge Wells

October – East Kent, e.g. Herne Bay, Ramsgate, Hythe

November – West Kent, e.g. Ashford, Tenterden, Canterbury

December – North Kent, e.g. Gillingham, Gravesend, Sittingbourne

January – Across the county

February – Finale in Bluewater

How you can help:

Would the Land Rover Club be interested in getting involved in the project? This would be through:

• Using your vehicle to tow the exhibition trailer, and with help, manning the exhibition trailer. The trailer has a 2000kg gross weight. Trailer dimensions are 4.5m length x 2.2m width x 2.3m height.

• We would like volunteers to help on the weekends or during the week, and it could be for one day, a weekend or for a whole week or more. Any offers are welcome.

• We would cover the costs of the fuel.

• We would be pleased to include information about the club in the exhibition.

If you are keen to help us please contact Suzie Plumb or Polly Harknett at Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery on 01892 554171 or by email on:



Thank you

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