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NERC in Wales

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Graham got this back today


Thanks for the e-mail. The situation in Wales is slightly different. The provisions within the CROW Act have been passed by the Assembly - they came into force on the 11th of May 2006.


DEFRA also made regulations on behalf of England and Wales on Restricted Byways - these also came into force in Wales on the 11th May.


But section 66-72 of the NERC Act have not come into force as yet in Wales - this is unlikely to happen until November - due to the elongated procedures that we have to follow in making secondary legislation in Wales.

Therefore the RUPPs have been classified as Restricted Byways is Wales. The best place to see what the effect of the NERC Act provisions is to look at the Explanatory Notes for the Act - I have attached the relevant part to this e-mail.

It is not easy to follow the changes here sorry - but hopefully this will set it down as to what has been commenced in Wales.


Angharad Huws

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