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disco 300tdi help req'd


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Hi, need some expert advice.

I know very little about off road tyres. I want to get some thinner deeper cutting tyres

She has a 2" lift (springs) steering and tank guards and mother load type tyres.

As she is weighty to the point of going slow up hill with trailer hooked on, I prefer lighter

tyre set up.

What wheel size is best and what are the most cost effective? (from the purchase point of view)

Any sound advise would be most welcomed

TIA and regards



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it looks awesome on those fat tyres.... but if you want something narrower try 235/85 R16... they are a standard fitment on defenders, fit a disco with a 2" lift and are available in loads of different tread patterns from many different manufacturers...

try BFG M/T's for arond £100.. or if you are a bit skint there are remoulds around for around £60....

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You could keep the tyres & the look and go for a 1.41:1 ratio transfer box from a TD5 Defender.

This brings the gearing back to about normal when you've got 33" or 35" tyres fitted on a Disco.

I did mine about a year ago and you'll be suprised at the difference it makes.

I got a rebuilt T-box from Ashcroft Transmissions and they do them from £395 plus fitting. I got a local LR service agent to fit it for me and it now drives like it did on standard size tyres. :D

The only drawback is that this will only alter the High range gearing, the Low range will remain the same as it is now. If you want to alter both then you can change the ratios of the ring & pinion gears in both axle diffs, Ashcrofts also do these and supply them as either just the R&P or as a complete diff, although getting two diffs works out nearly double the price of the transfer box! ;)

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id have to keep those tyres, it looks damn sexy on them!

id guess they are 33s? even 235/85s as suggested while being narrower wont be much smaller (32s) so it'd still be 'slow'. i run 235/85s on my disco & it was painfully slow till i started playing with the engine.

i could be tempted to ask how much you'd want for those wheels & tyres if you do go narrower - depending on where you are of course.

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