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Hi can some one please help? i have a 1998 3.9 auto ,disco. i have had it servised about 6 months ago wich inclooded dizy cap leeds aswell as the standared .Well itstarted mising geting worce and worce .the next morning to gointo garage it would not fire up. any way the garage came and saed it needed new leedsbas the ones that been fited had broken down,witch i told them to do.But naw thay tell me that it fires up .will sit there and rev loverly but when it is put in drive and under load it splutters to a cut out unless you take your foot of the gass.Thay say thay donot know whot is wrong.Can anyone please help.

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HI thanks for your advice,very good points, when i looked into it and had a chat with the macanic the only part left wich was not genuine are the plugs wich i had fitted 6 months ago. I went to halfords and thay gave me champs.So i have orded 8 upgrade plugs wich are platternam and should arive tomorrow. And i will let you know haw this go,s.


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