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Hi everyone:

The long story of my Puma´s Tbox.

At 8000 km started to have a clonk from the Tbox.

At around 15000 km fitted OME 2" lift including a double cardon front propsahft.

At 25000 km swaped to a remanufactured Tbox (warranty) and new clutch version as the original one did not fit well against the cover and flywheel. Clonk did not actually go away and got worse with use.

At 35000 km dealer said uj´s from the front propshaft were done. False, it runs perfectly. Then that the mass of the front propshaft was causing excessive wear in the fron output shaft from the Tbox. About 45º slack. They accepted to swap it again for a "new overhauled unit". Also, changed the gearbox, clutch assy and flywheel.

Everything ok for about 400 km after all these new bits were fitted. Now, again got a lot of slack at the front output shaft :angry:

My thoughts are: i)low quality of remanufactured Tbox or ii) in fact the double cardon propshaft is guilty (weights 10 kgs).

My warranty is over in about 5 months.

thanks in advance for any input.


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