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diesel tank sender unit

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Hi all

I hope someone can help me I have a 1995 defender 110 and I have had 3 sender units fitted in the past year. The standard one on my vehicle (Part Number AMR1495 is plastic and keeps cracking where the pipe meets the sender unit.

Does anyone know if you can get a metal one that won't crack for this year and model?

It must have a straight tube on it not a bent one.

Thanks for all your help



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PRC8463 fits 110 vehicles upto chassis JA915357, then from JA915358 to WA159806 it changed to the sender unit you have.

PRC8463 is metal as shown below.


the metal disc that the pipe passes through is approx 62mm dia,

the metal pick up pipe is

straight bit approx 75mm to start of the curved area

angled bit approx 75mm to centre of the bend to end of pipe.

hope this helps, it might just fit your tank, if it will you'll need these as well

seal - ARA1502L

locking ring - ARA1501L

the elect connectors will need changing to female 15amp spade terminals, the black one is gauge, brown one is low fuel warning light.

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