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v8 vs. tdi clutch plate centre


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so here's the thing, various bits have arrived for the 200 tdi to go into my classic but i'm struggling with the clutch plate. (hiding in doors from the rampaging flowers and hayfever attack!) From the new tdi plate (also in doors with me) the centre looks to be held in by circlip so can i swap this for the RR centre with the correct splines?? (some mention was made about series III centre being correct?)

getting there if slowly, still waiting for a few gaskets and stuff, need to find a fastener supplier local to get studs for manifolds etc...

Cheers folks in advance :)

PS its the clutch plate for the 130 FTC2149

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Ok, i hear "learn by doing" floating across the ether, so having found an old packet of antihistemines I've been out working on the engines. The clutch plate does not come apart as I thought so it will be returned and swapped for a series III item. Having sorted this out I started to look at the conversion plate and wondered how the starter was going to fit against the bell housing..........transpires that I need to cut out a section of the bell housing >_> ?! urh! don't like the sound of that :o

I'll now need to fabricate a plate to cover the gap stopping crud and the like getting in :huh:

sorry no photos, the camera cable went to work with the missus!

Any one done this LT95 to 200 Tdi ???



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mm...I'm assured it's correct and is also necessary on the isuzu 2.8 conversion too.....i suppose it relates to the type of bellhousing/gearbox and the original position of the starter motor....v8 down to the offside, Tdi at about 10 o'clock looking forward......?!

will have to see how it goes...

Ta. :unsure:

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unfortunately not, but it sounds odd having to do what you are having to with the starter motor :unsure:

A few years back I had a 1974 RaRo which had been fitted with the 3 litre Toyota B n/a diesel. It still had the original LT95 in it with an overdrive - and funnily enough had a cutout in the bellhousing to clear the starter, so it's not the first or by any means unusual.

I never had any trouble with the engine, but getting bits was a bit of a pain - the clutch was a mix and match of RaRo and series 2A bits, the exhaust was bespoke and the wiring was 24v on the engine for starter/glowplugs and 12v for the car....

I tend to shy away from non-standard engines now afer that....

Just my 2p worth! ;)


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Zeus engineeing used to do a LT95~200Tdi bellhousing, not sure if they still do.

Failing that, why not give Rakeway a shout, it looks like they can pretty much make anything! B)

Cheers, I did speak to Zeus, (sitting somewhere on an older thread) they needed a large order to do a production run, then I was warned off them by someone here, who i guess had personal experience and didn't think too much of their work...

In the end I've gone for the replacement flywheel housing from Conversion and Precision Engineering, SIII clutch drive plate with cover from 130Tdi (HD) and engine mounts form Motor and Diesel........

will be 'nibbling' a cutout for the starter this W/E ....... see how we go.... :)

..and yup, like the Rakeway idea....good stuff ;)

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