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Hello..I'm new here with a question


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Firstly let me say hello. I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself to the forum.. I do of course have a question which is;

We have purchased a Series III which has been dry stored for over 20 years. What work will need to be done to re-commision it? I am assuming ..

1. Strip and rebuild the engine (how far down do I go?) Apparently it is not seized and was started some weeks ago.. I wouldn't have started it either but hey..

2. Drain the fuel tank

3. Replace all the hoses (cooling, brakes etc..)

4. Replace the tyres.

Anything else?

Thank you very much for all and any advice.. I've rebuilt and done a fair amount of work on Triumphs and aircooled VW's so I own my own spanners..


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Diesel or petrol?

If diesel, then drain some oil out and pour it back in through the top so that the rocker assembly is freshly lubricated.

Petrol goes rancid after a while - this varies depending on the amount in the tank, so it might need draining and replacing. I wouldn't worry about anything else until the engine has been run for a while. Hoses go rock hard on an engine that has been stood for a while, so if there's no flex in them, then perhaps they need replacing sooner or later. Is there any antifreeze in the cooling system? If not, then internal corrosion could be a problem (core plugs in particular, but sediment in the engine/radiator as well). If it really had been started a few weeks ago, then just start the engine and let it tickover for a while. Service it and replace what you suspect as soon as possible.


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I think stripping the engine on spec is unnecessary. Do you know if the owner just started it up or turned the engine over prior to starting?

Replacing the hoses would be a good idea, also change the brake fluid. Perhaps fit new seals in the brakes & clutch whilst you've got the system open.

Change all the oils, so you know exactly what's in as much as anything else.

Change the water and add antifreeze.

Grease in all the nipples.

Check brake shoes are free.

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