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Discovery 1 Lessons learned


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A couple of weeks back i thought the steering box was knackered,the steering was stiff and felt like carp. :(

Anyway i called in to see gordon at diamond bank garage in butterknowle,co durham.

Without even looking at it he said check the lower steering uj's because the steering boxes are bullet proof.

I changed the whole lower shaft and uj,s and OMG it drives like a BMW. :rolleyes:

My only other fault was a terrible noisy and what i thought clunky,thudding gearbox.

I thought it was the output shaft and input gear.

Anyway i replaced all the rear bushes with poly bushes and replaced the rear 'A' Frame ball joint today,DEAD EASY when you have access to a 50 ton press. :rolleyes:

I had checked the ball joint with a massive pry bar and felt no play at all.

But when removed it had about 3mm play.

And guess what all clunks and bangs have gone and gear changes feel different again,shame about the whining in 4th and 5th.

I think the lesson i have learned is always look at the easy things first. :blink:

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