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Water Pump on 200tdi

Jon W

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When I brought my discovery I was told the water pump was leaking and a replacement came with it. The replacement is a britpart item. Looking at it there is a hole in the bottom of the pump which looks like it should have a grub screw in it?? The old pump on there is the same but this is where the leak seems to be coming from. My question is should it have a open hole in the bottom? surely mud and stuff could get in if there is a hole there??

The disco I have is a 300tdi with a 200tdi lump in it. Now this means the temperature guage isn't working at the moment. I brought a 300tdi sender but this is too small and does not fill the whole where the 200tdi sender is. So is there anyway senders which will match my guage and fit the 200tdi block, or will I have to run a seperate gauge??



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To answer your waterpump question:

They are all designed like that. When the internal seal fails the water leaks out so that you know the seal/waterpump has failed.

It confused me when It happened to me, so I know where your coming from. :rolleyes:

It may be worthwhile searching the forum for britpart and britpart water pumps as its generally considered that the best thing about britpart is the nice colour of the box :blink:

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