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  1. From what I have done so far, the 2mm silent coat doesn’t do a great deal on its own. The 4mm silent coat was a lot better that I put under the bonnet, making me wish I had used it on the seatbox as well instead of the 2mm stuff. Td5 sound proofing has helped, think the next step is to try some of the stuff in the links above behind the td5 sound proofing
  2. Just to let you know that I am still alive. It vented off for a long time about 24 hours in the end to empty the cylinder. The tanks must run individually with a change over valve or something as the car ran on lpg once the tank stopped hissing. Getting it booked in this week for new tank or old tank removed and just run it on the rear tanks if it is sound. Will give the other a close inspection. Its not something I really put much thought into until this thread. I thought they would be mega thick tanks like dive cylinders. Wasn't picked up on MOT, only this that was mentioned was the integrity of the side steps as they were rusting.
  3. Will park it a long way from the campfire tonight then to be safe and let it vent off
  4. Oh pants mine has just let go have just filled up with hundred litres of gas hopefully the one tank will continue to drain and the other will stay full not sure if they have one way valves or why in them
  5. I agree mine is smoother with veg and sometimes feels more powerful as well. I only use svo from supermarket and max I run is 50:50 with diesel. So your not the only one
  6. Booked and Land Rover back in a useable state, I hope! See you Friday night!
  7. Look what has just pooped up on facebook now. Just what you were thinking of originally maybe?? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/402660150537259/ Jon
  8. Darthdicky and I will be going. Haven't been for a few years so can't wait!
  9. Whoever was looking for a marshal body, there is one on Facebook for £50
  10. Think I have tracked the problem down to a ignition lead arcing out. But could be more than 1 due to how badly it runs or possibly a coil pack on the way out. Shame it is so hard to reach the coil packs on a D2 just to swap some lead out. A job for the weekend I think Thanks Jon
  11. I am opening this to the board as more views in here hopefully. I have a discovery 2 with 4.0 V8 and lpg conversion. Up until now it has run a dream and no problems at all. However it failed to start the other week due to a failed starter motor. Recovery guys came out to my wife. Did the old hit the starter trick and sprayed some brake cleaner in the air intake to get it going as they said it was turning over slowly. On the drive back it all started to go wrong. With lack of power and misfiring and struggling to maintain speed. I dropped it at the garage on my way home as didn't have time to put a starter on it and needed them to do a few jobs for the MOT. 2.5 weeks later,. they still havent got round to it so I have given up and taken the vehicle back. They have: Changed the spark plugs - this improved things slightly Said they put diagnostics on it and nothing is showing up as faulty, they checked MAF etc. Fault is present whether on LPG or Petrol So where shall I start? Coil Packs? It has magnecor leads already on it When cold if you touch the throttle it tries to flood and really struggles. Any help appreciated, I hoped the garage would put it on diagnostics and know where to look but they are hopeless and have to much work on to give it anytime. Thanks Jon
  12. It’s a bit quiet in here. So come April my defender will be on the road and I want to get out and use it! So this summer who has somemust do events. only thing I had in the calendar for definite is Shires sevens sisters in June open to ideas of green laning or play days. Am based in north wales but will travel for a good event. interested in trying some navigation events too Only other event I have in the diary is co driving for the hounds of the Baskerville memorial in November. so share your ideas I’m all ears Thanks Jon
  13. Thanks for this. We had a great time, nice routes, all well signposted and all people met seemed friendly. All wide open lanes you could take a freelander over
  14. Yes it was on standard anti roll bar. It would have been better with the longer drop links. But to be fair it coped really well with diff lock and traction control and just climbed and lifted a wheel instead. Sadly it only lasted a few off road forays before I had to scrap it due to tin worm Jon
  15. Mine never touched on that tyre size and 2inch lift and standard offset
  16. I have a good condition pipe here you can have for £40, I brought it from a breaker as mine corroded through where the 2 pipes are welded together. it wasn’t too bad a job to swap over, a couple of clips were a pain to get the pliers onto but otherwise ok. let me know if you want it and I can get it package up Thanks
  17. An awesome build and an exceptional attention to detail, I am very jealous that you have had the patience and budget to do the build to such a high standard. only criticism is I don’t think the winch and bumper do it any favours. A low line winch tucked in a discreet bumper would suit it better Jon
  18. I put mine on Shipley (google shipley) and put in a description of what you want etc and then companies will quote for the work. You can see their history and reviews and also what they are using etc. Cant remember what it cost but I think it was about £300 to get a defender 90 from exeter to warrington
  19. A tax exempt project can be worth a bit. I brought mine needing a lot more work for £400 8 years ago and prices have shot up since defender production ended. is it lwb or swb as I may have a friend interested Thanks Jon
  20. Heading over to Harrogate/York way. Are there any must do lanes in the area? I will check trailwise as well , but thought I would check for any local experience on here. Thanks Jon
  21. This would be a long way off. As am still finishing my 90 and want to use and enjoy that before throwing more money and time at another’s project. but i have a 88inch series with 3.5 carb V8 and series 2 box and no synchro. I love the engine but I’m not a fan of the gearbox or steering. Would like a nicer gearbox and maybe put power steering on. My D2 2001 V8 i think is coming to the end of its life. It could go on for another year with a few jobsdoing but in reality once my defender is on the road it is surplus to requirements. It is probably worth circa £1k or less. is it feasible to put the Thor V8 and box into the series? I know some say it is too long in a swb but is it? If the slam panel stays in its original place but rad moved as far forward as possible would it fit. can the Thor be run simply without too much electronics/management system? Gearbox is electronic but it does seem a lot better that a standard box in that you can lock it in gear and also torque converter lock up in 3rd and 4th. It would be hard to encorporate so probably better with a Disco 1 box Any thoughts or wisdoms appreciated Do I keep the engine and box and break the disco or just get shot of it when the time comes. i should probably just focus on one project at a time
  22. Agreed summer sisters and seven sisters are great events! Am hoping to be at both this year!
  23. I converted mine about 12years ago, but have just rechassised it so have redone a few bits on it recently. www.glencoyne.co.uk has a really good write up on it. i have just got a discovery 200tdi bottom water pipe from paddocks, a britpart item which I tend to avoid but wasn’t sure which hoses I had used previously and thought I would be hacking it around. Instead of a 1 piece moulded hose it came as 3 different hose and a joint in the middle. This made it very easy to make a neater job of the bottom hose. note I have cut the hose to add the xeng fan switch
  24. Putting my 90 back together at the moment and haven't put sound proofing on the outside of the bulkhead yet. Its probably got a bit to far to put much on now. But just wondering how people are getting on with it now after a few years. Has it remained tidy, is it easy to clean etc? has it still stuck. My bulkhead is galved and painted so rot shouldn't be an issue. I was in a rush putting my bulkhead back on so didn't get chance to cover it but not sure whether I want to or not. I have now brought some silent coat so am going to do a lot of the interior bulkhead before the rest of the dash goes in. I only have the lower dash in so far, I am not sure whether to unscrew this and put silent coat behind it. I will do the battery box, trans tunnel and floor plates. Thanks Jon
  25. couple of options which could work. buy a td5 mid pipe and rear box, should bolt upto your current front section. The reason for changing both is the td5 has a 3bolt flange on the rear section. or fit a 3 bolt flange to your mid pipe and fit a td5 rear box. this gives you a silencer which fits with the rear tank. or there is a 300tdi rear pipe which fits with the tank ROW spec, and then you can fit a 300 centre silencer.
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