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Dent removal

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Does anyone have any tips for panel beating? The previous owner of my 90 has made numerous dents in the rear panels/van sides and I want to beat them out without damaging the paint. I've no idea what tools to use either?!?!

Any suggestions?

Thanks, mr_mcp

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Getting the majority of dents out without damage is quite difficult (bent metal being also stretched metal, so is in effect 'too big to be flat again'). A very shallow dent with no real visible edges to it can sometimes just be popped out. Anything with a hard edge or crease will have cracked the paint already and be significantly more difficult to repair. The usual way to repair a dent that can't be popped out is to drill holes in it so that the metal can then be 'shrunk flat' again by the use of panel beating tools. Of course, the paint is damaged and body filler has then to be used to restore the profile of the metal, which then has to be painted. It's very rare to be able to remove a dent without having to restore the paintwork afterwards.


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