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P38 winter tyres


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Hi guys,

had been offered a set of wheels with cooper mud and snow tyres fitted from a 2006 disco for my 97 p38 2.5td auto but the nut size of the wheel was different so instead of the extra cost of new wheel nuts aswell as the rims and tyres have decided to fit new tyres. My wheels are 255 x 55 x 18, I have been happy with the dunlop AT2 tyres on my pajero but have been told that the RR can wander quite badly with the wrong tyres. I want to have decent road handling aswell as decent capability in the snow as I live in the north of Scotland. Any recomendations would be great or has anyone tried the dunlops on a RR, my mate has toyo on his ML and he thinks they are good in all conditions.

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Thanks for that Rob, they look like a reasonable price too, should get a set for around £500, was thinking about going to a 60 profile as it would fill the arches a bit better as my P38 has coils, don,t think that should comprimise the ride, unless anybody can think of any reason not to.



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i have seen plenty of p38's running L322 wheels with 60 profile tyres on so should be ok esp as your on coils so cant drop as low as on air

would imagine the ride would be slightly softer but as its only a 5% difference should be fine.

also the at2's wear very well too


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