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  1. Hi all I have recently got myself a late disco 1 auto v8 and would rather it was a manual So my question is will a box from a tdi be ok? Also once in would my props be ok or are they different lengths? Cheers Rob
  2. It needs to be rematched through a nanocom or similar as just had mine done due to changing instrument pack Rob
  3. i used to run a ir qt1 in the workshop and it was epic!!!! was even better when i changed my air point to full 10mm fittings and hoses (inc gun) used to undo truck wheel nuts with ease (torqued up to 680nm then rusted on) but as said the compressor is the limiting factor Rob
  4. so is that from chassis 1A onwards then?
  5. well its defo not the exhaust was also starting to think anti roll bar links so have just ordered along with new d rubber mounts Rob
  6. Hi all well the recent purchase for the wife is making noises !!! its a 2001 hippo 1.8 manual its done 117k but in good nick with mostly fsh and original owner untill nov anyway when purchased did all the usual tests of reversing on full lock etc all ok all tho did feel like some drag present had 2 new tyres fitted to the rear still all ok done another 200 miles or so still ok went into a different part of town the other day and had some very high yet short speed humps and front suspension made some funny noises next day went out again only now when on full lock there is a clunking/kno
  7. Thanks Ralph but i dont think it is that one its the horizontal strip (like a waist seal) but is at the top of the window its not shown in that pic rob
  8. hi all i need to find the part number for the rear window seal on a 2001 (1a vin) hippo its the top external one that the window slides under when tailgate closes Thanks Rob
  9. no they cant be sleeved but you can replace the liner very easily once the piston is out (no special tools reqd or anything) i would rebuild my own engine unless a known good second hand unit was available
  10. head bolts for the v6 are the same as the 4 cylinder k series both have the same construction type that said the v6 is less prone to hg failure
  11. kv6 head gaskets is a big job to do (as in lots of work because there is 2 heads!!) but is a fairly simple engine to work on hardest bit will be getting timing tools to time it all up right and dont turn it over with no heads on as the liners will lift off there seats if you need any advice give me a yell as have done loads of these being a ex mg rover dealer tech
  12. water is your friend here as brake fluid absorbs water
  13. Hi and welcome o and pics are compulsory Rob
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