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Door Lock


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The problem is on my disco 1 n/s front door and on the rear door, when the locks are opened and the inside release buttons pop up the named door buttons drop very slighty thus the door catches when trying to open having then to lift the button up so the door can be opened. Is there a fix for this problem or is a replacement in order ?? Cheers all advice welcome..... :)

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Try taking of the door panels and cleaning the lock mechanism inside the door with some degrease spray or carb cleaner , then lubricate with WD40 or similar, work the mechanism by hand, and then grease up throughly with a lithium based spray grease.


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Acouple of my door locks were like this. Mine all were the little spring broken. I found a link on this site, and got a full set of springs for about £7. All mine work fine now. One little thing. On the back doors the spring that works the child locks is exactly the same, and could be swapped. But that makes the child locks not positive, but still work ok. Take the lock assembly out and clean it well, add the spring. The result is well worht the effort.

Good luck with it.

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Richard is quite correct, the door latch mechanism spring has failed on the affected door.

It's a pig of a job too, It's a bit like trying to decorate the hall, stairs and landing through the letterbox tbh.

Also be aware that the springs are handed. ;)

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