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D2 SLS Height setting with Nanocom


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I'm sure this has been covered before but apparantly D2, SLS, Height & Nanocom are invalid search terms :blink:

I've fitted a new ride height sensor and eventually managed to get the suspension as close to level as it's gonna get. Readings for the sensors are equal at 155. 155 what I don't know but the fact they are finally the same must be good :) When I raise the ride height to off-road mode the right hand side lifts 10mm more than the left (so 50mm instead of 40mm). I've tried resetting the height several times now but get the same result. Doubt I'll notice 10mm height difference off road!

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if there was a write-up for this already and if so, could someone link me to it please as I can't find it. I'm sure I went the long way about doing it :lol:

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i had the same problem, but i just couldnt get the thing to sit level at all at normal ride height - only offroad height.

so i cheated. It never goes offroad, so i took the left hand sensor off the stub on the radius arm and attached it to the stub via a small jubilee clip and rotated the sensor bottom mounting hole to about 9o'clock against the stub and adjusted it until it sat level :ph34r: Ended up sitting at approx 10o'clock before it sat level.

been like that for a few thousand miles now and hasnt moved a jot on my improvised 'adjustable ride height mounting solution' - so it can stay like that.

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