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Water leak, but where to seal????


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Ok so i got the hose out and flooded the poor old girl, found where my water is getting in but now need to find how to stop it doing so .

Wider view of the area...


It drips along this seam most of it runs down the rear pillar and onto the floor but if it was there, it would also run off the plastic trim onto the load space cover.


So, where is the likely target for sealant??? Anyone got any ideas of the design of the roof/body joint, if i knew how it was made it might help. It cant be getting in any lower than the gutter line as it dont run upwards so it must be in the gutter seam somehow.

Whats the best culprit????



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Mine's leaking from the roof to body join. All the sealant there has gone rock hard and doesn't flex with the body. An idea I had was to remove the said sealer and pop in some paintable sealant. After it rains there is no water left in the gutters but after driving for a couple of minutes I stop at a junction and get a refreshing shower through the drivers window if open! looks as if its holding under the sealant and running foward.



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