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Heater dash panel on a 300 disco


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Hi, hoping someone can help. :rolleyes:

I want to replace the small bulb in the air circulater switch, the green bulb. Red light bulb indicating switch on (working ok).

How does the panel come out from the dash. I have tried to leaver it out with a small screwdriver but no joy. Where am I going wrong. :(

Some may ask why bother but if I can fix it its a small accomplishment for me. ;)

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Start by taking the 3 rotary knobs off. Somewhere there are some screws that need to come out and I think they are under the knobs (I've done this but I can't remember and it's dark/cold out there now).

Now I do recall having a right old time getting that switch out because the spring metal clip doesn't allow it to be pulled out forewards and the wiring is very tight at the back.

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