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Engine Trouble

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Hi All,


Long story, will try make it short, bare with me.

I bought a 1999, 110 td5 Defender during the summer. I only started driving it early September as I was driving a Defender 300Tdi and waiting to sell.

I noticed the Td5 was not great on fuel and it did not have that extra power. (I was comparing it to the 300Tdi) It ran fine, no bother roughly getting 25 mpg which is alright. I was advised to get the injectors tested, so I did. it was gone 10days to the local landrover mechanic. When I got it back, the injectors could not be tested???? and no parts could be got, is this true?????

It drove grand, that extra power was in her, had new air flow meter put in aswel. It was great for 5 days max. Started her one morning no bother,left her ticking over, then it started sounding rough and died away.It would not start again. First time this happened since I had her.

Sent it back to mechanic and NOTHING showing up on Computer. He went through the following:

Air flow meter

Fuel pump

Injector wiring lomb little oil found there

Crankshaft sensor

Over hauled injectors put in

Checked ECU

He is running out of ideas now.

NO joy with any of the above.

He is checking the fuel pressure regulator as I type (I hope)

He has it 2 weeks and I am getting impatient now and dreading the bill!!!

Help Help Help.

All suggestions are welcome please, (and yes she is full of diesel!!)

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If he has diagnostic equipment, get him to make sure that the 10AS (alarm / immobiliser ECU) is definitely taking the immobiliser off. I had one that operated the central locking and turned the immobiliser lamp off, but did not actually un-immobilise the 110.

The only sensor that will prevent the TD5 running is the crank position sensor.

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