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Starter motor - 300 TDi 130 CSW

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Well power went and a burnt smell arose :(

A look under the bonnet revealed that the wires to the starter had corroded/arced and parted company from their fastening at the solenoid :blink: Further investigate and it looks like the securing nut is corroded/ welded onto the post, and initial efforts to loosen it are making the post turn :unsure::angry:

So.... :huh:

When I fit new eyes to the cables, should I crimp them or is soldering a good idea? Any suggestion on how to clean up the ends for a good contact?

If the nut remains stuck I was planning to just bolt the new ends on with another nut - any problems with doing that :rolleyes: ?

And finally, it the starter needs to come off what should I look to do to it before bolting it back on (if it's still working) Not sure what is serviceable :(

Or should I just invest in a replacement :) ?

Have time to do it, so just thinking of doing a belt and braces job, rather that racing to get back onto the snow :D

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When I first got my 90 it always seemed a bit sluggish turning on the starter. When I swapped the engine I found the terminal on the solenoid to be slightly loose, and I snapped of the stud when trying to undo the nut which had "welded" to it.

I got a replacement solenoid from a local reconditioners, about £12.

It's usually recommended to crimp and solder terminals.

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