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Flexi rubber pipe for snorkel?

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A bit late I know, but I got 3 metres of 3" bore coil wound rubber hosing from http://www.parishose.com/ Cost about £12/metre.

Just give them a call or drop into their trade counter (which I did) They sell it by the metre.

I wrapped it in butyl liner (as used for ponds) wherever it was vunerable to thorns/sharp landrover edges.

They are officially trade suppliers I think, but they were more than happy to serve me!


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phone Southdown and ask him if you could buy some direct. i am there tomorrow collecting some other stuff so could collect if Daves in agreement.

I am guessing its Steve90 that bought my bumper, mate of O Farmer going to interclub challenge?

if not then offer on collection is prob no good.

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It was Kris that bought your bumper, He is a mate of our's so your close but yes I will be at the interclub, with pikey (aka Orgasmic farmer) bitch'n. As far as the hose is concerned I managed to get some sorted. As for collecting stuff from southdown I may still want something. Will let you know if I do! Cheers.

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i will be with CSW team in the blue truck cab 90, driver only has one arm, with Country rovers sign writing on the vehicle.

i think there will be 3 country rovers cars there blue/red/green pickups prob all together. if not there will be with Tony - White 90.

yep i am running FSWC3 on 7th.

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