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200 Series Disco Rear Wheels locked up


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What do you mean by 'locks up'?

If you had a rear wheel skid or hop when on firm terrain, with diff lock in, it is pretty unlikely that there will be any damage.

Back wheels locked up and bought the disco to a stop - after a short period it was all free again, feels like the back wheel turn then stop then turn (via the drive shafts if that makes sense)

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You shouldn't be driving on firm terrain in diff lock for long enough to be doing this repeatedly!!

Typically, a wheel will spin or 'skip' to release the wind-up in the transmission, I've never heard of windup bringing a vehicle to a halt.

Have you heard any big bangs etc from the drive train? it's possible for bits of the diff (typically bits of crown wheel) to break off, but still leave enough to maintain drive. these bits then get churned around in the oil, until they get caught between the crown wheel and pinion, or in the inner set of gears, causing severe mechanical damage, normally a loud bang, and a significant effect on the car (wheels lock, or skid, etc)

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