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Freelander TD4 Startingm Problems


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Hi just got a TD4 runs great starts on the button when warm but is very difficult when cold.....

replaced rear fuel pump and filter still and one injector replaced still no go. Also when trying to start when cold the Rad cooling fans come

on!!!! Have managed to find Coolant Sensor and cleaned pins + WD40 ...... this seemed to help and it now starts a little

better..... I am going to replace the CTS ..... are these cars know for this??? ..... could it be the CTS when cold is telling the

ECU it is hot???? This may answer cooling fan start up can anybody shine any more light on this...grey unburnt fuel seems to

come out exhaust when it does fire ..... this clears then it is fine...pulls like a train. Help!!!

Richard Bolton

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If you read the RAVE manuals this is exactly what happens when the CTS fails - it doesn't know how hot it is so it defaults to "safe" values - it assumes the engine is at running temperature, puts the fan on permanently just in case. It will struggle when cold because it has no way of knowing when to do cold-start. Easy test - unplug the CTS, if it runs the same then it's in default mode and the CTS has failed.

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