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The Hybrid

Les Brock

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So it goes on......

Local (Bristol SVA Centre))Man came to inspect it 16 days ago, went through the motions etc, said well whats the verdict then after he filled all the report out !...... Sorry, Swansea have to make that decision and said it would be sent to Swansea the following day....

So......I ring up today to find out how its going

Swansea, well we sent it back to Bristol to make the decision

Bristol, We sent them back to Swansea, we can't make the decision it's down to them and sent them back again

Swansea, We sent them back to Bristol because they do the SVA inspections and inspected your's to see if it warrented one........


The paperwork is somewhere between Bristol and Swansea... :angry:

I can see where the Tax money goes now.....Postage :lol:

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Guest diesel_jim

It doesn't suprise me....

when i built my 90 i had to have it SVA'd, they came out 3 times to inspect it prior to the test, and one of those was because they'd lost my file.... eventually they "found" it, stuffed in with someone elses (apparently)

The test was the easiest bit! in and out in 35 minutes, paperwork an' all! :D

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