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commercial rear seats


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How do fellas,,can anyone tell me how easy it is to fit rear seats in a 54 plate td4 commercial.Do you have to remove any floor panels or the bulkhead/dog guard behind the front seats and will there be any seat runners already in place ?? Many Thanks SS1.

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From memory, The commercial has a load barrier, and a full floor doesn't it?

If so, then I believe these would need to come out - The floor so you can get to where the seat bolts in, and the load barrier so that your rear passengers have somewhere to put thier legs!

The 3 usually has some bolt in uprights above the rear arches which take the back supports, and also house the intertia reel for the rear seatbelts. I don't know if these are present on a commercial though - Can't see any reason why they would need to be there if no seats were installed...

There are 2 bars on the floor, about 1/2 way back which the seat clips onto along the back edge. These just bolt into inserts in the floor though from memory.

You would also have to add the seatbelt anchors, but I think they just bolt in too...

That's just off the top of my head, based on taking the seats out of my 3 door a little while ago....

hope that helps ;)


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Dunno if you realise - but if you put seats in the back you will invalidate your insurance as you are converting a commercial vehicle to a passenger carrying one.

Might be hard to get insurance for it as a conversion.

Best check first.

Thanks for that as I'd never even given that a thought !!!! :blink::blink::blink:

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