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Motorola GP340 Programming VOX


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We use motorola gp340's, which i've been trying to program the vox into. Using a peltor helmet for the mic + headset.

Now i can get it to work with "VOX Feedback" disabled. But as soon as i enable it, when we activate vox and start talking we get an ear piercing beep.

I bought them from abroad, so can't go to my dealer :blink: And yes, i realise licenses are needed for them :ph34r:

Anybody on here played with them before ?



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Are you using a Peltor intercom, or just the helmet and an adaptor to link to the Handheld? I've never used VOX on the GP340, but have used the peltor FL9MQ to link to a Maxon using a remote PTT.

Could it be anything to do with the noise reduction of the helmet? I think Peltor helmets use antinoise noise reduction. If so, it might be feeding back too much antinoise causing the feedback you hear.


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Yes i'm using the peltor intercom and peltor cable from the radio to the helmet (sorry can't remember the peltor ref number). The adaptor cable doesn't look all that special (motorola plug on the end, a PTT plug, and a 4 port nexus plug - TJ101). I'm going to buy the bits seperately and get the soldering iron out next time, as it wasn't cheap !!!

To get the VOX, you have to basically have the PTT activated prior to switching on the radio. If it's not then you have a normal PTT button.

I'm not sure if peltor helmets use antinoise ?

Edit : looking at that link, antinoise headsets talk about having extra microphones etc...

Edit 2 : From peltor "With built-in hearing protection and a quick adjusting, noise compensating microphone for improved communication and comfort. "


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