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TD5 Def,Wipers stopped working?

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My wifes friend has a 55plated Td5 Defender,and over the past few weeks she says the wipers have started to get slower and slower and have now stopped working altogether.

Fuse Has been checked .Thats ok.

Is it likely to need a new motor or the arm mechanism replacing.?

Anyone changed them,whats it like ?

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Pivots may well have siezed, or perhaps the motor itself. You can take the mechanism apart/strip it/grease and rebuild for no money at all. The motor doesn't burn out either, but you need to remove the gearbox cover, free it off, clean it all, re-grease, and reassemble. Done this myself and it's pretty easy to do. Freeing it all off can be a pain, but a motor is over £90, so there's an incentive for you :)


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