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slightly OT: English axle pinion preload


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Eventaully got round to address the leaky diff on the kit car to discover

a) one of the prop bolts was finger tight, others not much tighter

B) about half the diff gasket was missing

c) pinion nut wasn't on tight; the pinion itself flopping about like a d*** in a bucket

The Haynes manual, mk 2 Escort, English axle says that a new crush tube needs to be fitted when disassemble and then the nut done up to the correct preload - but I have not foundd what that preload is.

So what do I do?

AFAICT, there is a bearing inside, the crush tube goes in between this and a taper bearing, as the pinion nut is done up it forces the rollers up against the conical race taking up the slack; abvioulsy the preload is to prevent over tightening this.

So without knowing the figures what would be the procedure to get this about right?

I am thinking tighten without the tube in place to get a feel of how far it goes in and spin the pinion to feel for slack and excess tightness; then put in the tube, tighten not quite as far, spin the pinion, geel, then do up a little bit until free play is gone, then a tiny nip to finish.

Sounds good or not?

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i'd be talkin to escort owners club personally, someone there must know

..... but I'm not a member of any escort forums, would be a one off question anyway (am looking for them)

I though it may be a generic type of set up thing i.e. nipping up a taper bearing.

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Arn't those axles similar to salisbury's on 110's? just smaller.

They (salisburies) have the crush tube.

hmmmm, there can't be that many different ways to make a beam axle with a diff :blink:

Mk2 Escort had 2 types of axle, the English, also known as Timken (if I have it the right way round), has diff fitted from the front, the other confusingly named Salisbury, has the diff fitting from the rear.

So what's the preload on the 110, Salisbury?

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