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Any thoughts on what this sound is....


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If you listen to this sound file, you should be able to hear a sound from my engine going whu whu whu hwu whu, which has developed recently.

The sound is here: V8

If you use a screwdriver to the ear method, the sound is most noticable when you listen to the top of the rocker cover above cylinder #4. You cant hear it as much if you listen to the inside of the cylinder head at #4 (you hear the injectors instead ) and nor can you hear it as clearly if you listen to the exhaust manifold bolt of #4.

The sound isn't there when cold, but is there once the engine is warm and your sitting at idle.

Obviously, there are 2 prime causes running through my mind. One not too terrible, the other serious.

- rocker shaft / rockers

- dropped liner.

Based on listening to the sound file, do people think its likely to be one or the other . . . . if so which?

I have to say that i would have assumed that a slipped liner would make a definitive clicking / tapping / knocking sound as the liner slaps off the cylinder head / block. This seems to be more of a rubbing sound , almost like a dry pulley going round.

I'm going to take the rocker cover off at the weekend, but thoughts in advance are gratefully welcome.

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hey fisha,

that is a weird noise, and first port of call would have to be the auxilaries before you do anything else.

It's defintiely a weird harmonic rythmic noise but i just can't think of anything that might do that.


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