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Calling You Tombraiders.

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ok you lot! i need to know how many of you want to be booked for L2B.

This will be the first time a group has been together at an event, so come on lets make it a good turnout!!



??? L2B ?? i would come,, but just sold mine last week,,

when & where ??

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Hi Tim!

The details are here: L2B , might be a bit far for you? :huh:

Basically, everyone including most the clubs camp over on the Friday night (I'm with Shire Land Rover Club) then convoy down to Brighton for an afternoon of Land Rover fun. You don't have to park on a club stand, so doesn't matter if you sold the Raider - all the Landy's park together on the sea front. Stands and fun and games available - awards for the best Landy's (and the worst!) and basically a bit of a giggle.

Still, if I don't see you there see you in Wales B)


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The Tombraider contingent? will also have non TOMBRAIDERS with them Tim.

Getting together has been something we have been talking about for some time and this event seemed to be the ideal place and time to finally get the ball rolling.

The response has been very good so far,with some trucks possibly coming from abroad,however attending the event is not the be all and end all of the exercise,the collecting of trucks whereabouts for the records is.

Hence why i ask for your details.


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Ah, the fog clears,, with you all know ;) can not make the 2nd, have a event down here that day,

Mandy, hope you have BB, you have a mail on the way, with a few pics, all a little on the large size,,sorry,

Yep Jen, see you if Wales, if not before

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