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Freebie "genuine parts finder" CD-ROM


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I can't remember if it was freebie from gaydon or freebie from a mag, but I just tried my copy of this CD and (after much thinking) it popped up a message that said "france - access denied" :blink: and then my PC slowed down to a crawl showing 100% CPU usage :angry:

So, for info, this is what happened and what I did:

ctrl+alt+delete to get task manager up (or right click on the clock and select task manager if your PC is too busy using CPU to recognise ctrl+alt+delete <_< )

winlogon.exe was for some reason using all the CPU time, but you can't end this or even lower it's priority as it controls most of Windows.

Look for index.exe in the processes list, there may be more than one of them if you've tried more than once to run the CD.

End any instance of index.exe

Wait a few seconds for normality to return

Curse Land Rover's programming department - wonder if they're ex-Lucas? :lol:

By the way, if you search "winlogon.exe cpu use" on Google it is a common symptom of a virus, which really made me feel happy whilst trying to work out what'd happened to my PC, because when you stick the CD in nothing happens, then a minute or two later you get the error message and everything goes to s**t.

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