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pwer steering on the way out


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Hi all,

My power steering seems to be on the way out. At idle there's no assistance. When revving the engine some assistance appears.

I've just had the pump out and spinning it by hand, it does seem to pump some fluid.

can these pumps half fail? or could it be the steering box. Can the pumps be reconditioned?

Someone on here had pics of stripping the pump but I couldn't find them. Anyone remember where that was?

Any advice or ideas? Tis like driving an auld bus at the moment. :D


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I replaced the PAS pump on a 110 V8 a while ago, and symptoms were similar to what you describe.

The pump still pumped, but not very much. When working, the pressure is considerable.

If you jack both wheels off the ground, you should be able to turn the steering lock to lock by twisting one of the wheels, but with some effort if the steering is ok. This is an easy way to check that the problem isn't in the wheels themselves or the steering box. Replacing the PAS pump is not very difficult, but messy, as there's no convenient way of draining the fluid without it going everywhere.

Les. :)

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Thanks Les. That's good info. I suspect the pump might be on the way out because it doesn't make that power-steering noise anymore, even when holding it at full lock.

Just looked and they're expensive things :( can they be refurbed?

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