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Help cant get in or out


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:( been out playing for the weekend at some site near Cardiff. all went well till yesterday afternoon when the disco seemed to fall apart. at one point i was stuck in a wood lent on a tree with no front wheel drive & no steering.

finally got the heap home about 1am today, ive got an idea what everthing else broken is but i dont know where to start on the door. i was lent against a tree with the drivers door which of course dented the skin and the door would only open from the inside handle. just before leaving the site i found the window wouldnt fully shut, the door handle was blocking the window mech. i inserted a bit of wood & knocked the door back out to roughly the right shape. now the window works but i cant open the door from either handle. ive got no idea how to get started fixing it now. cant get the door open to get inside the door to look at the lock mech and cant get inside the door to look at the lock mech to get the door open.

any brilliant suggestions greatfully accepted.

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update after a load of thumping & kicking i can open the door again. inside handle works fine but the outside one really isnt right. seems like too much slack in the mech, have to yank the handle right out to open the door. anyone know how/if i can adjust that as i cant really make sense of whats happening inside the door.

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Had a similar problem in that I could not open the door from the outside- one of the linkages inside the door has an adjustment in it - it was not lifting the door catch far enough - once adjusted it opens every time - you might have bent it and need to straighten it etc

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cheers i will have to look again then. got enough other stuff do as well though. current list of repairs is

rebuild both diffs the crownwheel to center bolts had come loose plus duff bearing in rear diff

OSF shaft, my spare is the wrong type - how typical?

front prop, loads of play in the splines

wheel, studs and nuts (yes the WHOLE wheel) NSR seems to have vibrated loose & elongated the holes & ruined the studs etc while coming back

drag link - it was so bent it touched the sump at one point

oh & replace girlfriend, previous one dumped me by txt while i was stuck in woods with no front wheel drive & no steering - the perfect afternoon?

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