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Safari Roof


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Hi all i was wondering how much a 88inch safari will cost me? I have a 73 lightweight and as its getting close to winter need to start decking it out for cold and rain. I know theres problems with standard roofs with frost etc, used to own a kit car had to scrape ice of the inside of the car, brrrr. They seem to be hard to come by though, any advice?


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The safari roof was designed for tropical climates rather than cold ones. There is nothing wrong with the standard roof for winter use. Any ice which might form on the inside is due to condensation.

A safari roof may help reduce condensation and ice, but the easiest solution is to ensure that the current roof has some decent headlining. This can be achieved by fitting a proper headlining or gluing insulation or carpet to the roof.

Ideally you want insulation on floors, body sides, doors etc as well as the roof if you want to make it a lot more 'civilised'.

Hope this helps,

Regards, Diff

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