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Are brake bleed nipples generic parts?


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Is it possible to get replacement bleed nipples for calipers?

One of the nipples on the P38 has rounded due to all the rust and crud so i cant bleed that caliper anymore.

do i have to get a new caliper or are bleed nipples an off the shelf part where they are fairly generic across most cars?



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Yup, they are generic. They are the same threads as the brake lines. Anyone who sells re-con calipers or makes up brake lines should be able to sell you some. If you have to drill the old nipple out, remember to be absolutely certain that all the swarf comes out. You do not need to screw nipples in specially thght to seal, that way they should come out OK next time.


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thanks folks - i'll be having a trip to the local motor factors soon i think . . . local as in 14 miles away *sigh*

Has the one in Largs closed down then?

Been a while since I was down there though so it may have been gone a while. ;)

If you don't get any luck in Greenock, try the one in Ardrossan. They used to be quite good for that sort of thing.

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