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Big Dash Problems!


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Hi, i am new to this site and need help/advice on dash unit problems, my dads Range Rover Classic 1992 3.9 efi has no speedo, mileometer, fuel gauge and as from yesterday the rev counter is stuck at 500rpm, he has only a temp gauge.

About 10 months ago i did try another unit in there and got nothing apart from all the same problems and lots of flashing lights.

Any help would be good.


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I'll throw in my thoughts mainly because nobody else has, although I confess to having to use a local 'indie' for repairs myself. As your speedo is electronic & the tacho is driven from the alternator it looks like a job for an auto-electrician. I wonder if this sort of electrical disaster (the likes of which I've never experienced on any of my four 'classics') could be the result of a bad earth? Sorry I can't be of more help & hope you get it sorted.

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