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gearbox tapping??


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Hi guys,

recently bought my first series land rover. its a series 3 109 has been running excellant for nearly 12 months now when coming home last night i encountered a large clunk which resulted in a very loud tapping noise coming from the gearbox??? just after a few ideas before i start to pull it apart cheers

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can you still drive it?

does it do it in all gears?

does it change with engine revs?

does changing to low ratio change anything?

my thoughts are a broken tooth on something.

try dropping all the gearbox and transfer box oil out, and see if any lumps of metal come out.

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it is still driveable and it gets worse as i go up through the gears. haven't tried low range but will do and post the results later.


driving in low rang works fine thus showing theres a problem in high range. guessing like u say a tooths missing, will drain the levels and have a good luck at any deposits. is there any chance it could be a bearing? lukily i have a spare box so can replace it for now before stripping this one :)

thnx again

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Definately gearbox? if it still sounds like a 'tapping' even going up through the gears then could it not be somthing slower turning?

The only reason I say this is because you said its fine in low range, it may be to do with the dog clutch engaging the front prop for 4 wheel drive. maybe the 'clunk' you heard had somthing to do with it knocking in when it shouldn't have and now its damaged somthing. but fully engaging 4 wheel drive may cover up the issue. I could be completely wrong but it may be worth a check before you rip the box appart to find its somthing more simple

Try getting up to road speed in high range, then, still rolling, keep the clutch pressed down and pull the red lever to neutral. if the noise is still there then you know its after gearbox (anything that is being back driven by the wheels) if the noise goes then its somthing in the gearbox or the top of the transfer box (because these parts are now stationary)

you could also do the same thing but have the main box in neutral and keep the transfer in gear this would also test the output shaft of the main box.

by listening for the noise using process of elimination you should be able to pinpoint it.

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