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ET0 vs ET8 Wheel Offsets

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Hi All

I have just got some new wheels and tyres (265/75/16 Cooper S/T MAXX on 16 x 7 modulars) for my 300TDI 90, I was a bit excited so I thought I would chuck one on to see how it looked. I stood back and noticed that the tyre stuck out quite a way from the arch, I knew they would stick out a bit but this was more than I was expecting. I had a look at the markings on the wheels and noticed that they have an ET0 offset whereas I was expecting ET8.

My question is how much of a difference will the extra 8mm offset make, is it noticeable or does the 8mm not really make any difference. I went for the modulars because I like the wider stance that the give but I would like the wheels to sit a bit further in.

All opinions welcome


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Thanks for the quick reply Western

It's not so much the legality I'm worried about as I had a good look at that and they look to be legal (just), it's more that I'm not too keen on the look of the tyres sticking out past the arches. I've got 205/80/16 on standard alloys at the moment and was just after something that would fill the arches nicely.


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